The new Bengal porcelain series replicates the warm natural appearance of slate. The soft surface is perfect for high traffic areas and the colours will brighten any space!
Bengal Autumn Mosaic 2x2
Bengal Sierra Mosaic 2x2

The mesmerizing swirls of this tile conjure up images of a peaceful beach at twilight, perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in your spa washroom!
Classico 2'x2'
Cotto 2'x2'
Fusion 2'x2'
Safari 2'x2'
Villa 2'x2'
Walnut 2'x2'

This simple, muted pattern comes in a variety of shades from dark to light, including earth tones, and would help set the tone of any washroom.
Black Mosaic 2'x2'
Cream Mosaic 2'x2'
Grey Mosaic 2'x2'
White Mosaic 2'x2'
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Our friend recently renovated her bathroom and bought all of the tile from your store. She mentioned that Kate had helped her with her...
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