No longer are flat walls the norm. Erthcoverings 3D series enables the natural beauty of stone to truly express itself by adding depth, texture, and stunning appeal to any interior or exterior wall. This stone is strategically cut and designed to fashion a very exquisite and symmetrical appeal.
Cream Quartzite Corners
Cream Quartzite Flats
Outback Brown Corners
Outback Brown Flats
Springwood Black Corners
Springwood Black Flats
Sydney Yellow Corners
Sydney Yellow Flats

The sharp lines and amazing shadow effect created by the Strips series will definitely catch people attention. This modern yet unique design offers a look unparalled by any other product.
Coral White
Sienna Brown
Silver Fox

Cascade stone is a contemporary?cladding suitable for any feature wall.?The appealing texture of Cascade can be made more dramatic with a directional light source.
Dover 4'x16'
Fossil 4'x16'

Natural stone Handi Pak extravagant pieces will add grandeur and magnificence to any project. Ideal installation ideas include interior and exterior walls such as exterior facades, interior feature walls, fireplace surrounds, retaining walls, columns and water features.
Amarillo Splitface Corners
Amarillo Splitface Flats
Bluestone Splitface Corners
Bluestone Splitface Flats
Durango Splitface Corners
Durango Splitface Flats
Lavastone Flamed
Lavastone Honed

This stone was designed top take natures rugged face and meet it with timeless elegance and class. With more pronounced features then the 3D series it offers a different scope of design
Kakadu Green Corners
Kakadu Green Flats
Outback Brown Corners
Outback Brown Flats
Springwood Black Corners
Springwood Black Flats
Sydney Yellow Flats
Sydney Yellow Corners

Nordstone offers the highest quality real stone veneers that provide the freedom of design where warmth and beauty of natural stone is desired. Made from Granite, Bluestone, Quartz and Quartzite, you?re sure to find the right product for your space!
Charcoal Corners
Charocal Flats
Ivory Quartz Corners
Ivory Quartz Flats
Ochre Blend Corners
Ochre Blend Flats
White Quartz Corners
White Quartz Flats
XLX Charcoal Corners
XLX Charocal Flats
XLX Ochre Blend Corners
XLX Ochre Blend Flats

When looking for true softness and elegance our Rough Break Series is the perfect fit. The rich texture allows use of stone in stunning yet modest applications. Truly a favourite for those who prefer a more subtle approach.
Sydney Yellow Rough Break Corners
Sydney Yellow Rough Break Flats

The Erth stone series offers a variety of marble with veins and swirls that?range in colour from medium grey, taupe and cream. Available in polished and honed finishes, its sophisticated grey tones will suit many environments.
Bailey Honed 12x24
Black Pearl Honed 12x24
Bliss Honed 12x24
Bliss Honed 4x16
Bliss Polished 12x24
Bliss Polished 4x16
Flare 12x24 Polished
Flare 4x16 Polished
Flare Honed 12x24
Flare Honed 4x16
Lavastone Honed 12x24
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