The new Bengal porcelain series replicates the warm natural appearance of slate. The soft surface is perfect for high traffic areas and the colours will brighten any space!
Bengal Autumn 12x12
Bengal Autumn 12x23
Bengal Autumn 18x18
Bengal Autumn 6x6
Bengal Autumn Bullnose 3x12
Bengal Sierra 12x12
Bengal Sierra 12x23
Bengal Sierra 18x18
Bengal Sierre Bullnose 3x12

Bold! The only way to discribe the Corten porcelain tile series. Soft varriations mix with metalic-like gloss to get a completely unique tile!
Corten Cuivre 12x24
Corten Cuivre 24x24

Who needs hardwood when you can get porcelain? More durable, but just as beautiful; the Ecollection series is perfect for any room in the house.
Ecollection Canela Dourado 8x48
Ecollection Cumaru Glam Negro 8x48

Colors and natural variation are in fact the most striking feature of this series. They can both match luxury apartments and rustic farmhouse giving either a touch of class. Suitable for both walls and floors, this mosaic is sure to enhance any space
Kayah Autumn 12x12
Kayah Autumn 12x24
Kayah Autumn 18x18
Kayah Mica 12x12
Kayah Mica 12x24
Kayah Mica 18x18
Kayah Oxide 12x12
Kayah Oxide 12x24
Kayah Oxide 18x18
Kayah Rust 12x12
Kayah Rust 12x24
Kayah Rust 18x18

This sandy tile will add a clean, open atmosphere to any room. Available in number of colours and sizes. Mix and match for a personalized style!
Beige 12x24
Ivory 12x12
Ivory 12x24
Ivory 18x18
Sinter 12x12
Sinter 12x24
Sinter 18x18

The warm tones available for this tile are nicely contrasted by the pale light smudges, creating an inviting tile that is ideal for shower walls, washrooms, and kitchen floors.
Anthracite 13x13
Anthracite 18x18
Classico 13x13
Classico 18x18
Ivory 13x13
Ivory 18x18
Lava 13x13
Lava 18x18
Walnut 18x18

A contemporary twist on a classic stone look, the nat series provides a subtle and warm quartzite look in a porcelain tile
Nat Alaska 12x24
Nat Alaska 12x24
Nat Nevada 12x24

This intriguing tile has a unique look that is sure to charm you! Available in a number of sizes and colours to wow you.
Foggy 12x24
Foggy 6x24
Ivory 12x24
Lead Grey 12x24
Lead Grey 6x24
Snow 12x24
Snow 6x24
Tobacco 12x24
Tobacco 6x24
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