Tool Box
Measuring tape
Paper and pencil


How to Measure for New Tile
  1. The easiest way to measure is to find the length and width of the surface. Measure if inches, multiply the two numbers together and divide by 144 to create square feet.
    a. Length x Width = ___
    b. Divided by 144 = ___ Square Feet
  2. In more complicated spaces, it is best to separate the surfaces into smaller more manageable squares/rectangles. From there, repeat step 1 for each square/rectangle and add the numbers together.
  3. It is advised to always add 15% waste. This can be done by taking your final square footage calculation and multiplying it by 1.15.
    a. ____ Square Feet x 1.15 = total number of square feet to order


Always double check your calculations at home before purchasing! If you have a professional installer, it is best to calculate your own quantities and compare notes with their final calculations.
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