Tool Box
Safety Goggles
Floor Scraper
Chisel Set
Belt Sander or sand paper


Removing Tile:
  1. Begin by chipping out the grout with your chisel and hammer set. This will give you space to begin cracking the tile up from the subfloor. Always ware goggles and its advised to ware gloves.
  2. Chip away the tile with your hammer and chisel moving across the floor. Use the floor scraper to remove excess bits of tile and adhesive.
  3. Smooth the subfloor with sandpaper, preferably a belt sander, just enough to create a clean surface.
  4. It may be necessary to remove portions, if not all, of the subfloor. If this is the case, skip step 3 and begin cutting out the subfloor with a circular saw.


Be sure to use your safety tools (goggles, gloves), tile debris can be quite dangerous!
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